Style Secrets

Secrets of Style

The key to personal style is knowing how to create outfits with unexpected combinations. Whether mixing prints, colors or silhouettes, stylish woman know that the key to "making it your own" is to add a little twist. Here we break it down and uncover the secrets of style.  

Eva Chen

Make it Matchy Matchy

Pick a bold color and make a statement by incorporating into your outfit in several places.  

Emmanuelle Alt

Wear White All Year

White is a year round staple. The old rules of not after Labor Day definitely do not apply. Adding white to darker shades like black and navy adds a freshness to an everyday essentials.  

Sarah Rutson

Mix your Prints

Pick a color pattern and go for it. Don't be afraid to mix and match prints, just make sure to watch the proportion and balance the scale.  

Laura Brown

Try Pants for Evening

While all the other guests will be in dresses, standout from the crowd in super chic pants and a gorgeous top. It's a welcome alternative in a sea of LBDs. 

Jenna Lyons

Go High and Low

Precious pieces should be worn, not stored away in your closet to await the perfect occasion. Pairing a beautiful jacket with jeans is the perfect way to add some edge to a special piece.  


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