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How to Clean out your closet like a Pro

  1. Take Everything out. We know, it makes a mess but the only way to do this properly is to start from scratch. Lay it on the bed, floor, wherever you have a big empty space.
  2. Try on. Get a good mirror and get to work – try on everything.
  3. Make 3 Piles – Yes, No, and Maybe. Anything you love goes in the yes. Anything that does not fit, is outdated or you haven't worn in a year goes in the No and anything that needs tailoring – put in a big bag and bring it to be fixed (whenever you can). Our expert tailors can help.  
  4. Go through the No Pile. Make a bag to donate. Local shelters and Goodwill are usually happy to have clothing donations, but be sure to call before you drop off items. Anything that is from a designer and in good condition can be possibly sold on re-sale sites, like The Real Real. Anything that is sentimental or you may want to pass down to children put in a large plastic box or garment bag and store in an extra closet, basement or attic.  
  5. Make a list of anything you need to buy to organize – new hangers, drawer separators etc. The Container Store is a good source for organizational tools.  
  6. Now time to organize what’s left. Divide by categories and seasons. Refold and rehang everything. 
  7. Contact your Style Advisor. Our Style Advisors can help you do a virtual closet clean or give great advice on what to keep or how to update past seasons items.