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Francesco Russo

Francesco Russo Portrait

A former Shoe Designer for Miu Miu, Saint Laurent, and Dior, Francesco Russo launched his eponymous label in Paris focusing on architectural shapes and expert craftsmanship. The collection celebrates a woman’s beauty and individuality. We recently sat down with Francesco to find out what’s the one shoe every woman needs to own and who is the ultimate style icon. 

On a typical day what are you doing at...

7:00 am My daily training with my coach in Paris, or via skype if traveling.

1:00 pm Lunch.

8:00 pm Vodka Martini with Belvedere and a lemon twist.


Where do you find inspiration?

I try to keep my eyes wide open wherever I am. The most common thing in the most unexpected place could be the hint for an entire collection.


What has been the most gratifying moment in your career?

Carine Roitfeld thanking me for all the design I was doing at YSL during the years I had been designing their shoe collection.


Who is your dream client?

It would be difficult to synthesize everything in a single person. I am attracted and fascinated by different kinds of women. All of them, though, have in common a strong personality and a dynamic place in society. The woman I am intrigued by is the one that seduces rather than being seduced.


What is your most prized possession?

My dogs.


What do you never leave home without?

My two iPhones.


What’s on your shopping list for Spring?

Too many things to list!


What defines your personal style?

I would say casual eclectic? I like to change the way I dress according to my mood. I could go from very casual to very dressy, even though I’d still wear my Comme de Garçon converse rather than formal shoes even in this case.


What items should every woman own?

A stiletto pump.


Who are your fashion icons?

The one and only Carine Roitfeld, together with Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot.