Loro Piana

DESIGNER/FRIEND since 1997 “We started carrying Loro Piana’s original ready-to-wear collection over 20 years ago. We met Luisa and Segio Loro Piana for the first time in a hotel in Florence. It was the hottest day of summer and when we walked in Luisa was wearing a white linen shirt with two cashmere sweaters draped around her. The cashmere is the first memory I have of them. They had such a passion for getting people to understand their style. They believed that true luxury items are pieces that could be bought over and over again, the same pieces that that they started with are still our best sellers today." Bob Mitchell

Available in-store at Mitchells Westport, Richards Greenwich, Wilkes Bashford and Marios Seattle & Portland.  For more information please contact our E-Concierge, Norma at 1-844-855-HUGS (4847).