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Jancis Robinson - Hand Blown Young Wine Decanter
Jancis Robinson - Hand Blown Young Wine DecanterJancis Robinson - Hand Blown Young Wine Decanter

Hand Blown Young Wine Decanter

Available only at select locations.

For more information or to order via phone please contact Norma at 1-844-855-4847.

• Jancis Robinson is one of the worlds most famous wine critics, one fun fact is that she curates wine for the royal family
• She recently just called BS that all different varietals require a special shaped glass
• She partnered with Richard Brendon and created the world’s best wine glass for all varietals
• The glass is created from one piece of glass, having no fused sections (stem to glass)
• It is calibrated that a full pour maximizes the surface area of the wine for optimal breathing
• It is a thinner glass than any other wine glass that claims to be thin, it feels like drinking wine out of thin air
• Why waist time, energy, money and space trying to stock your home full of dozens of wine glasses that don’t really do anything
• From whites, to reds, to bubbly and dessert wine, these glasses are the optimal choice to get wine into your mouth
• We are currently the only retail store to sell these wine glasses
• The ultimate gift for a wine enthusiast, and the most practical glass to have in your home

Get a dozen of these for your home and be done!

  • Mouth-blown by master craftspeople in Europe using beautifully bright lead-free glass.