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McEvoy Olive Oil - Estate Grown & Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Estate Grown & Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil


• Almost all olive oil today in stores has a marketing twist to it, straying you from pure quality and value
• McEvoy ranch olive oil hits every point you should be looking for on your due diligence list
• The USA and specifically California has the strictest standards for Extra Virgin Olive Oil vs any other country of origin
• This olive oil is a blend of 7 Italian varietals, but harvested here in northern California for the Italian taste, but US standards
• It is cold pressed which preserves all the nutrients and flavor
• It is estate grown and pressed which cuts out transportation and contamination and spoil time
• It is certified organic which means no pesticides or growth enhancers
• It is certified Extra Virgin which denotes a certain level of acidity and comes from the very first pressings
• It is bottled in dark glass, because light is one of the most harmful thing to olive oil quality
• It comes in a larger volume bottle so value can be passed to the consumer via quantity
• McEvoy ranch is award winning olive oil that is the best not just for cooking , but also dressing uncooked

We’ve done all the hard work and research for you, simply take home the best!