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Gem Water - Body & Soul Exclusive Gem Water Bottle

Body & Soul Exclusive Gem Water Bottle


#1 Selling Gem-Water Bottle in the WORLD
as seen in VOGUE, W, Oprah, Shape, InStyle, NY Times, Forbes, BuzzFeed and more!
• Drinking from their bottles, decanters and straws is like drinking fresh from the spring!
• An independent lab tested water after being in their products, and what happens is amazing - the water is restructured to the living quality of spring water
• The water even tastes better - it gets a silky soft mouth feel - it's been described by many as softer, velvety, and lighter!
• Another independent lab in Germany found in testing that the pH rose to an 8.02 alkaline level, and it has been said that more alkaline water is better for the body to fight disease.
• All of the crystals used in their products are fairly mined and hand picked and assembled.
• The gem pod, vials and decanters are hand blow by master glass blowers in Bohemia, Czech Republic
• Celebs like Ruby Rose, Drew Barrymore and Mirand Kerr are fans!

These are the most amazing gifts of wellness that you can give to anyone or yourself, they're beautiful, but also serve a purpose - something to get the woman or man who has EVERYTHING!

  • Apatite, rose quartz